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Design Services From Concept To Quote To Production

Eighty Four Engineering uses SolidWorks 2020 to provide 3D component and assembly modeling and print package development during the concept and prototype development stages of a project.  We can turn your idea or napkin sketch into a 3D model and 3D printed prototype.

Design services include:

  • 3D model development - components, sub-assemblies and full system

  • 2D drawing/print creation - components, assemblies, BOM (Bill of Materials)

  • Use of Eighty Four Engineering or Customer title blocks

  • Proof of concept prototyping - FDM printing of PLA or PETG (8" x 8" x 8" build volume)


Additional services include:​

  • Develop & implement CAD standards for your organization

  • FEA, CFD and advanced layouts and animations available through our trusted partners​

  • PCB and electrical design available through our trusted partners

Program Development & Execution: Service
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