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Leverage expertise, experience and knowhow to solve your most challenging problems.

Eighty Four Engineering brings a strong toolbox of Technical Expertise, Engineering Best Practices and Proven Processes to help YOU Commercialize SMART(er). 

Key Industries Served Include:

  • Clean Tech

  • Climate Tech

  • Ag Tech

  • Energy Storage

Our team has significant expertise in the areas of:

  • Fuel Cell Stack & Component Design

    • Seal design/manufacturing

    • MEA design/manufacturing​

    • Plate/seal interface

  • Requirements Development​ & Implementation

    • Gather and synthesize customer, internal and external requirements

    • VOC (Voice of Customer)

    • CONOPS methodology ​

  • Energy Storage

    • Fork Lift LAB to LIB conversion

    • LIB selection by application

    • Green hydrogen applications

  • Engineering Development Tools & Processes

    • (D)FMEA​

    • DFM

    • Decision Matrix/Pugh

    • Root Cause Analysis

    • DFX (Design for X) Methodology

    • Engineering Prototype development & test

Program Development & Execution: Service
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